May 31, 2023

The Sudan Conflict Monitor update is a rapid response to the expanding war in Sudan written through a peacebuilding, human rights and justice lens. Bi-weekly, we try to capture the six most important stories in Sudan. Please share it widely.

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This week are top stories are:

  • Military overview. The latest humanitarian ceasefire is not holding and neither side is winning.
  • The role of the Islamists. More information about the role of the Islamists in the current fighting is surfacing. 
  • Looting, lawlessness and abuses. Systematic looting is devastating Sudanese businesses.
  • Collapse of local truces in Darfur. Local truces that had been in place are collapsing, leading to increasing violence.
  • Deteriorating humanitarian situation. Already serious humanitarian consequences are only getting worse.
  • Diplomatic initiatives to resolve the conflict. A widening array of international actors have stepped to play a role in resolving the conflict in Sudan.

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