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Sudanese Civil Society Declaration of Principles

(July 24, 2023) After months of tireless work to create a broad-based consensus with diverse components, a Sudanese coordination group reported that it had reached a joint declaration of principles agreed upon by dozens of civil society organization, trade unions, youth and women’s groups and resistance committees. They represent a broad spectrum inside and outside Sudan.

Dr. Nureldin Satti, the Sudanese ambassador who resigned from his post in Washington after the October 2021 coup, and the coordinator of the Preliminary Committee, described the Declaration of Principles as “the product of analyzing many national initiatives that were launched with the aim of ending
the war, restoring the democratic path, and drawing a road map for reconstruction in the post-war period).”

The statement is divided into six parts: a preamble, its signatories, a common understanding of the current crisis, general principles, general objectives and an action plan.

Read the full Declaration of Principles here.

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