Sudan’s Other War: The Place of Gold in War Economics

The Economic Impact of the War in Sudan No. 2

Since April 15, 2023, the war in Sudan has devastated the country and displaced its people, subjecting them to arbitrary killing, looting and deprivation of the most basic necessities of life. The main driver of this conflict is a war economy instilled under the kleptocratic rule of the Bashir regime which enabled state security companies and their allies and companies owned by Rapid Support Forces leaders to dominate vital sectors of the economy, In addition to the human cost, the war has devastated the country’s already fragile economy. This is the second paper in a series underlining the economic impacts of the war. 

In this paper, written by researcher Mohamed Salah Abdelrahman, explains the connection of Sudan’s complex gold economy to militarization and how the parties have moved to control this sector since the start of the war. It ends with recommendations for better controlling the trade and channeling its profits to development rather than war.

Read the full paper.

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