Sudan Conflict Monitor # 4

June 19, 2023

The Sudan Conflict Monitor is a rapid response to the expanding war in Sudan written through a peacebuilding, human rights and justice lens. Bi-weekly, we try to capture the five most important stories in Sudan. Please share it widely.

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This week are top stories are:

  • Military deadlock continues: Fighting focused on strategic sites. Both sides seem to still believe a military victory is possible as fighting concentrates on strategic sites.
  • Ethnic cleansing in Al Geneina. RSF is unleashing ethnically based violence in West Darfur.
  • RSF’s abuses, looting and hostages. Evidence of RSF looting and detention of activists is growing.
  • Refugees restricted at the Egyptian border. Egypt is making it harder for Sudanese refugees to flee.
  • International responses: Efforts to move to an AU framework for negotiations falter, US sanctions.

Read the full monitor.

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