Sudan Conflict Monitor, Issue #2

(May 9, 2023) The SCO update is a rapid response to the expanding war in Sudan written through a peacebuilding, human rights and justice lens. Bi-weekly, we try to capture the five most important stories in Sudan. Please share it widely.
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This week are top stories are:
● Khartoum’s new normal. Residents are living with urban warfare and lawlessness. With no services, they rely on each other for assistance.
● The propaganda wars. Hostile and divisive media campaigns fill the airwaves.
● West Darfur’s spiraling violence. A new cycle of deadly violence sends a stark warning how conflict could spread along ethnic lines.
● Ethnic recruitment in Darfur. Even before the war, both sides were recruiting from Darfur’s Arab communities.
● International responses: sanctions and negotiations. As international mediators push parties to negotiate, experts call for sanctioning the warring sides and their assets.

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