The Sudan Conflict Observer, Issue 1

Photo: Graffiti in Khartoum: “No to war, people are not shields”.

The SCO update is a rapid response to the expanding war in Sudan written through a peacebuilding, human rights and justice lens. Once a week, we try to capture the five most important stories in Sudan. Please share it widely.

A SAF counter. RSF claims a large swatch of Khartoum as SAF prepares for a massive counter attack. A fourth ceasefire that reduced fighting, ends at midnight. Meanwhile bombing continues and unidentified gangs roamed Khartoum under the watch of armed men at checkpoints.

Crisis in West Darfur: In El Geneina recent fighting pulls in civilians.

Mass exodus. As foreign embassies help their nationals evacuate, thousands of Sudanese flee unassisted, forced to pay increasingly exorbitant prices amid chaotic scenes at borders with neighboring countries.

Prison Breaks. Thousands of inmates are let out of jail, including politicians Omar al Bashir and his NCP colleagues, but it is not clear where exactly they are now.

Peace and polarization. Polarization is growing as military actors push civilians and other armed groups to “pick sides.” But local peacemaking efforts are ongoing in Darfur and Sudanese take up a “no to war” campaign. 

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